Background & Objectives

Yibō Digital built Coventry University’s first Chinese website back in 2016. The site helped them establish one of the most effective Chinese digital footholds in the UK universities market.

Over 4 years, their stragety matured and we needed to bring the site up to new expetations for:

  • Mobile experience
  • Customer self-service information
  • Brand consistency
  • Marketing effectiveness

Our Solution

Our solution provided a platform for three capabilities that we know are essential for success with any web presence, Chinese or elsewhere.

Content, Conversion, Control.


The key ability of any website it to be able to manage a constant stream of content from a wide range of sources.

From student ambassadors to media agencies, legal compliance as well as marketing, the site needs to open up the botttlenecks that many businesses still have with their content management.

Our solution – a heavily customised WordPress website – provides all of these, and has already seen a 30% lift in SEO traffic as a result.


Not all traffic is equal. The context of where your traffic has come from is enormously important when it comes to converting it into leads and sales.

Clicks from a banner ad come with very little information and need more warming up than cicks from a review site or a search engine.

Our solution gives two major advantages to businesses trying to convert more of their existing traffic.

Specialised landing page designs
Traffic at the top of your funnel is usually looking for information. Most websites are built around this sort of content, that also works well with search engines and social media shares.

Bottom-of-funnel campaigns such as retargeting need to be much more focussed though. For these we use the landing page design & testing expertise we’v developed across a range of markets to provide a very focussed journey, all geared towards getting a lead.

Great Analytics & Split Testing
Profitable websites know thier numbers, and they rely on data over opinions.

The move to the new website coincided with the aoption of GeckoEngage CRM at the University, and for a while, the campaigns were  “flying blind” on thier results.

We worked with the technical teams at the university to get reliable data feeding into both Google And Baidu Analytics tools so we could see the effect of each campaign to the most granular level.

We are also leading a testing intiative to make sure that design and content decisions made against a highly volatile background are having a positive effect in every case.



Brand control
Just like moving from a glider to a jet plane, more flexibility often means more complexity, and the ability to break things in a more dramatic fashion.

Our solution included a unique brand control content builder that we have developed for the needs of enterprise businesses with strong brand rules but a wide variety of users.

The page builder allows non-technical users to add many different types of styled text, images, videos and forms to the website, but within the constraints of the brand style guidelines set at a corporate level.

This gives the ditors flexibility to create pages witout needing to go back to design and development resource each time, but lets your brand team sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that your website is free of pink Comic Sans fonts.

Content control
Some areas of the site, like the courses database, need some strict rules about content that needs to be included for compliance reasons.

For these sections we provided a more rigid template with the necessary texts forced onto the published page.

The Result

The site launched in February 2020, on time, and on budget for a new campaign cycle.

We have already seen an uplift in both SEO and referal traffic to the site and some campaigns have seen double-digit conversion increases over the benchmarks from 2019.

On the management side, the media buying agency has been able to create new pages for many of the campaigns themselves, giving a much smoother customer journey frmo ad click to the site.

The most radical improvements are expected as we start to test new marketing messages and content, with a tighter focus on conversion over the upcoming year.

Improved mobile experience

Dedicated campaign landing pages

Brand Control Content Builder